Our Workmethod

Thank you for your consideration to order at EuroPCBA!
Before you fill in the quotation, it is important that you know about our working method.

First of all, check if you have all the details that should be filled in on the quotation page. This is important: when a quotation is not fully or correctly filled, euroPCBA can not produce PCB’s for you, or the production time will be longer. Do you have all the information, enter the quotation and send.

Within half an hour you will receive an mail containing the offer price. This price includes the PCB-, component- and production costs. Do you agree with this price and would you like to order? This mail contains a payment link, which will forward you to the payment system to make the payment. Once the payment has been completed*, your order has officially become an order.



The next workday, our certified staff starts with your order, and you will receive an order confirmation and your invoice by mail. The duration of delivery depends on your chosen production time. You will get a notification by mail when euroPCBA received all products, and we can start producing your PBCA’s.

The last day of your chosen production time is the shipping date from the factory. Delivery date within Europe is a maximum of two (working) days. Outside Europe, this may take up to one week.

If you have a question during the process, please contact info@europcba.nl.

*We will not produce if the payment isn’t complete.