Terms and conditions

First of all, thank you for the order!

This document contains the general delivery conditions of Euro PCBA. It is important for us and for you that we can carry out the assignment properly, so that you get the products as you want them and when you want them. That is why we have drawn up these conditions.
– These conditions have been drawn up for our working methods and processes on the work floor. All orders must meet our conditions.

1. General
All ordered PCBA boards are ordered via our website calculator. This website calculator contains standardized questions and documents that must be filled in and uploaded in the correct manner.
We only produce PCBA boards that fall within our standards and can be ordered via our website calculator.

2. Required documents and parts
– BOMs (Bill Of Materials) must be drawn up in Microsoft Excel, .xlsx or .xls format. We can convert other format BOMs into the required format for €150, -.
– We add extra components to your BOM because of production loss, this depends on the size of the component.
– Complete RS-274X Gerber files, as generated by your CAD program, preferably in ODB ++, including Silkscreen, stencil, and copper layers for assembly.
– All parts with pin 1 designations must be clearly visible in the production data.
– Smaller PCBs, or PCBs in forms other than square or rectangular, must be placed in a panel.
– We reserve the right to use standardized components. It may be that these differ from your BOM.

3. Lead time
The specified turnaround time in the quote will start when we received all parts of the BOM-list.
– We will send you a notification by e-mail when all components are in and we start producing the boards. If you receive this message, the lead time starts.
– The last day of the lead time is the shipment date.

4. Lead time not met
If all conditions are met, the lead time will always be met. If the lead time is not met, this has one of the following reasons:
– Required documents not on time and / or complete and / or correct received.
– Long delivery time components: we can not assemble without parts, so our lead time starts only when all components and components of the PCB are in.
– PCB and components are not correct: if the components and the PCB footprint are not correct, we can not produce and production will be stopped.
– Documents not complete or present. The lead time will not start in the absence of required documents (Gerbers, BOM in Excel and CAD (ODB ++) data).

5. Payment
– Payment will be made in advance via Paypal.
– Cancelled orders: The customer is responsible for all purchase costs purchased before the canceled order. Even though an order has been canceled, the (purchase) costs already made will be recovered from the customer. The rest amount will be transferred back.

6. Shipping
We ship all our packages with TNT. With package size of a maximum of 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm and a maximum of 5 kg:
– Shipping costs within the Netherlands standard €20, -.
– Shipping within Europe standard €50, -.
We can not issue a standardized shipping rate for different package sizes or weights. This is determined separately for each delivery.

7. Questions
It is possible that we still have questions, despite the standardized questions and documents (see website calculator). We will then contact you by telephone to get these questions answered. So make sure that you are always available by phone. We will contact you during our office hours, this means between 8:00-18:00.
– If the question is whether the problem can not be answered or solved within 30 minutes, the delivery is postponed by at least 1 day, depending on the timeframe on which the question or problem is answered / resolved. You will always be informed of this postponement.

8. Guarantee
– Euro PCBA delivers working PCBAs.
– All modifications after receipt of the PCBA which the customer himself applies to the PCBA, will void the warranty.
– Euro PCBA is not responsible for damage or dysfunction caused by design errors and erroneous components.

9. Right of withdrawel
Products that you buy via Euro PCBA are custom-made according to the specification you have entered. The right of withdrawal therefore does not apply. The sale is final after successful payment.

10. Business orders
In addition to these terms and conditions, our business to business costumers have to accept the terms and conditions of Q-Matrix. You can find these here.

11. Veeren Electronic Design Solutions (V.E.D.S.)
Euro PCBA is part of V.E.D.S. When ordering with Euro PCBA, you give permission to V.E.D.S. to contact you from a commercial point of view.